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Haven’t updated this photoblog in a while, so here’s something. I’ve been collecting portrait shots for a while now, collecting snaps of friends while out and about.

I like to keep the colours vivid and the detail strong. The result feels surreal and rich, I think.

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The Memory Fades, but the Nerdery Remains



Here’s a little ‘toy’ statuette that arrived in the mail last week. And it’s the weirdest experience I’ve had in so long.

What you’re looking at is ‘The Shirt Ninja,’ a pseudonym for the main character of a popular webcomic called Real Life.

I actually stopped reading Real Life about a year ago. Not because of anything to do with the comic though. I simply dropped off the face of the internets for a while and never got around to returning to my old reads when I finally found more time to be online.

So when I got a phone call from my dad last week to tell me that “some package is here for you mate, it’s got ‘real life’ or something like that on the box.” My brain broke. I had no idea what he was talking about.

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Remember Me?



Long time, no post. This summer is too damn hot, I tell you. I can barely be bothered carrying my camera around with me. What a terrible attitude.

Here’s a few shots from recent weeks. No real theme here.

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