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Dirty Deeds CX: SpookyCross



I’ve been mad for cycling over the past couple of years. Earlier this month, I tagged along with some friends to the Dirty Deeds Spooky Cross, celebrating Halloween and all that.

I wasn’t competing – my friends were – so I took the opportunity to jump in and cap some moments.

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Haven’t updated this photoblog in a while, so here’s something. I’ve been collecting portrait shots for a while now, collecting snaps of friends while out and about.

I like to keep the colours vivid and the detail strong. The result feels surreal and rich, I think.

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Dan Gets a Honda.



One of my friends, Dan, loves to tinker with cars. A lot of my friends do, actually, but Dan always has something on the go. He generally sticks to Mazdas, but he’s also got a fantastic Volkswagen Beetle that he’s kitted out in true ‘ratrod’ spec, and we all love it.

His birthday was earlier this month – the day after mine, in fact – and we thought it would be great to buy some junker off the ‘net, deliver it to his house, and enjoy his reaction.

Tony had come across this unloved first-generation 1977 Honda Civic five-door for $200, and we decided it was the perfect choice; it was no Mazda, but it was old – ideal for Dan – and it was cheap – ideal for us.

More photos through the link.

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Grease and Golf.



Had some friends over for lunch, yesterday. It turns out I was more interested in photographing the progress of our ‘Bacon Explosion’ concoction than the people surrounding it.

I did manage to snap some shots of our spontaneous visit to the Albert Park Driving Range in Melbourne, though. You can see those, and more horrifying greasiness, after the jump.

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Say Hello to my Little Friend.



Will you just look at this, ain’t she a beauty? This is my ‘new’ 1996 Trek 470 Fast Track.

It was a fairly basic rig when it hit the market 15 years ago, and it’s nothing special today either – but compared to my generally beloved Shogun ‘Extreme’ (oh save me), it feels like I’m riding on Goku’s Flying Nimbus.

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Remember Me?



Long time, no post. This summer is too damn hot, I tell you. I can barely be bothered carrying my camera around with me. What a terrible attitude.

Here’s a few shots from recent weeks. No real theme here.

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Friedy’s Sequin Spectacular



Friedy and her friend Min threw a joint birthday bash at Friedy’s this past weekend, with a sequin-inspired theme.

A few favourites, within.

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Walking Maya



I hadn’t seen Maya in a while, but Fi’s been leaving her outside on nice days, so I took the little rascal for a walk today.

This one goes out to all the doggy lovers.

That’s not what it sounds like…

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