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At the Drive-in: Fuel Magazine and Snake & Mongoo$e.



Another long overdue update, but this time I bring a set of shots from Fuel Magazine’s second drive-in event, following the American Graffiti screening held way back in 2011 (see my photos for that one here).

This year, it was the properly fantastic biopic Snake & Mongoo$e, chronicling the careers of drag racing legends Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen. To be honest, I’d never heard of either lad until the first trailer for this film hit – but I’m glad I know of ‘em now. Great film, great story.

I was lucky enough to score an invite once again, so of course I spent the start of the evening snapping away. I arrived a little late, though, and the light was fading fast. Some of these shots are grainier than I’d like, and apart from that, it’s probably time for a new shooter soon…

Camera woes aside, there was some incredible metal on display, and I’ve posted some of my favourites here. Click through for my photos, and for the Snake & Mongoo$e trailer.

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At the Drive-in: Fuel Magazine and American Graffiti.



It’s been a long time between updates, but here’s a selection of shots from last night’s screening of the classic American Graffiti at the Coburg Drive-in.

The film was screened as part of an event organised by the Melbourne-based Fuel Magazine, and in that scenario, you know exactly what to expect: hot rods, classic muscle cars, and plenty of them.

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Dan Gets a Honda.



One of my friends, Dan, loves to tinker with cars. A lot of my friends do, actually, but Dan always has something on the go. He generally sticks to Mazdas, but he’s also got a fantastic Volkswagen Beetle that he’s kitted out in true ‘ratrod’ spec, and we all love it.

His birthday was earlier this month – the day after mine, in fact – and we thought it would be great to buy some junker off the ‘net, deliver it to his house, and enjoy his reaction.

Tony had come across this unloved first-generation 1977 Honda Civic five-door for $200, and we decided it was the perfect choice; it was no Mazda, but it was old – ideal for Dan – and it was cheap – ideal for us.

More photos through the link.

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Fuel Magazine – Launch Of Issue Five At Rancho Deluxe



Dropped into the launch today of Fuel Magazine Australia’s fifth issue, at hot-rod mob Rancho Deluxe in Collingwood.

Some fine, fine rods were on display. Kudos to the guys for putting on a top show.

Incidentally, Rancho Deluxe has a little cafe in the workshop that’s open every Saturday, so it’s worth getting in there to grab a coffee and see what projects they’re working on.

More shots after the break.

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