A Weekend in Daylesford.



Oh hello thar. Apologies for the huge gap between posts; I somehow lost the battery charger for my camera, and for a while I held out hope that I’d find the damn thing again. After two months of that, I caved in and bought a new one.

So, here’s some shots from a weekend away in Daylesford, in Victoria’s north-west. It’s a sleepy little town known largely for its seemingly endless supply of day spas and massage houses, but it’s also home to the beautiful Lake House restaurant, where we dined last night.

Sault also comes quite highly recommended, though we didn’t manage to make time for that one. Next time.

There’s only a few shots here, I’m sorry to say. It was a fairly dreary weekend as far as the weather goes, so I was hesitant to pull the camera out too often. Also, I was drunk a lot of the time.

Above is a shot of the beautiful ironwork featured on a bench in the gardens at The Convent – a former, well, convent.

Host to a gallery, chapel, bar and cafe; I can recommend a visit if you’re into architecture and nice gardens, but I can’t endorse it as a home to fine art, because everything on display was terrible.


Above; Friedy wanders through the garden at The Convent. That part of the establishment is at least quite nice.


An interesting boat sculpture, forming part of a West Papuan exhibition at The Convent. I would have taken photos of more from the exhibition, but it really wasn’t interesting enough to bother.



Looking at the photos, I have to admit that the sculptures and artworks on display don’t appear all that ‘orrible, but I can only assure you that, up close, everything here is caught between boring and just plain bad.

Situated on a hill that overlooks the town proper, The Convent at least offers some nice views.



A detail shot of the walls, which have been deliberately (and nicely) left in a dilapidated state.




Above and below: You just gotta giggle.


Below; When I saw this – ‘Notional Trust’ – some part of me was willing to accept that perhaps such a thing exists, but that I’d better snap a shot just in case it actually is an epic typo. After some intense eugoogaling, I can say with some certainty that this is indeed one hell of a cockup.



Above; Anyone know what type of duck this is? Sure is an ugly blighter.


And, a goose. He ate my whole mandarin, the greedy little bastard.

That’s all, until next time.


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