At the Drive-in: Fuel Magazine and Snake & Mongoo$e.



Another long overdue update, but this time I bring a set of shots from Fuel Magazine’s second drive-in event, following the American Graffiti screening held way back in 2011 (see my photos for that one here).

This year, it was the properly fantastic biopic Snake & Mongoo$e, chronicling the careers of drag racing legends Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen. To be honest, I’d never heard of either lad until the first trailer for this film hit – but I’m glad I know of ‘em now. Great film, great story.

I was lucky enough to score an invite once again, so of course I spent the start of the evening snapping away. I arrived a little late, though, and the light was fading fast. Some of these shots are grainier than I’d like, and apart from that, it’s probably time for a new shooter soon…

Camera woes aside, there was some incredible metal on display, and I’ve posted some of my favourites here. Click through for my photos, and for the Snake & Mongoo$e trailer.

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Dirty Deeds CX: SpookyCross



I’ve been mad for cycling over the past couple of years. Earlier this month, I tagged along with some friends to the Dirty Deeds Spooky Cross, celebrating Halloween and all that.

I wasn’t competing – my friends were – so I took the opportunity to jump in and cap some moments.

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Haven’t updated this photoblog in a while, so here’s something. I’ve been collecting portrait shots for a while now, collecting snaps of friends while out and about.

I like to keep the colours vivid and the detail strong. The result feels surreal and rich, I think.

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Sure, I’ve Had a Few Drinks Today.



It’s a hot day, I’m working on a super secret ultra secret (also, it’s secret) project. Why not enjoy a few bevs? Agreed.

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At the Drive-in: Fuel Magazine and American Graffiti.



It’s been a long time between updates, but here’s a selection of shots from last night’s screening of the classic American Graffiti at the Coburg Drive-in.

The film was screened as part of an event organised by the Melbourne-based Fuel Magazine, and in that scenario, you know exactly what to expect: hot rods, classic muscle cars, and plenty of them.

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Dan Gets a Honda.



One of my friends, Dan, loves to tinker with cars. A lot of my friends do, actually, but Dan always has something on the go. He generally sticks to Mazdas, but he’s also got a fantastic Volkswagen Beetle that he’s kitted out in true ‘ratrod’ spec, and we all love it.

His birthday was earlier this month – the day after mine, in fact – and we thought it would be great to buy some junker off the ‘net, deliver it to his house, and enjoy his reaction.

Tony had come across this unloved first-generation 1977 Honda Civic five-door for $200, and we decided it was the perfect choice; it was no Mazda, but it was old – ideal for Dan – and it was cheap – ideal for us.

More photos through the link.

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Out: Mana Bar and The Alchemist



I paid my first visit to Melbourne’s new gamin’ and drinkin’ venue, Mana Bar, with some friends a few weeks ago. Afterwards, we popped down to The Alchemist for a slightly classier cap to the evening.

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Melbourne Turns Out to Yell for Cadel



The City of Melbourne put on a “Yell for Cadel” welcome back event at Federation Square yesterday, to celebrate the champion cyclist’s Tour de France win.

They say there was around 150,000 proud Melburnians in attendance – a record for the venue. That said, most of us were crowded in the incredibly packed St Kilda Road and Flinders Street.

Sadly, I arrived late and couldn’t get close enough to snap a shot of Cadel as he cycled slowly along and shook hands with the crowd.

But hey, here’s some photos of an excited and lively Melbourne.

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Grease and Golf.



Had some friends over for lunch, yesterday. It turns out I was more interested in photographing the progress of our ‘Bacon Explosion’ concoction than the people surrounding it.

I did manage to snap some shots of our spontaneous visit to the Albert Park Driving Range in Melbourne, though. You can see those, and more horrifying greasiness, after the jump.

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A Weekend in Daylesford.



Oh hello thar. Apologies for the huge gap between posts; I somehow lost the battery charger for my camera, and for a while I held out hope that I’d find the damn thing again. After two months of that, I caved in and bought a new one.

So, here’s some shots from a weekend away in Daylesford, in Victoria’s north-west. It’s a sleepy little town known largely for its seemingly endless supply of day spas and massage houses, but it’s also home to the beautiful Lake House restaurant, where we dined last night.

Sault also comes quite highly recommended, though we didn’t manage to make time for that one. Next time.

There’s only a few shots here, I’m sorry to say. It was a fairly dreary weekend as far as the weather goes, so I was hesitant to pull the camera out too often. Also, I was drunk a lot of the time.

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